About Us

Due North Analytics

In today’s healthcare environment, providers are asked to navigate through a complex web of ever-changing information and expected to do so with less resources than ever before. Our goal is to join forces with your team, for enhanced, affordable, high-quality reporting, modeling, and analytics. Healthcare is our expertise. Unlike many other analytic firms, Due North Analytics expert focus is strictly on healthcare providers.

Due North Analytics guides healthcare providers to maximize revenue through data based decisions. Our diverse team provides in depth analytical knowledge for various care settings, from hospitals to physician practices. From a distance, Due North Analytics specializes in data manipulation and is able to give an organization new insight by transforming raw data into actionable information. Call on us when the next challenge arises.

The Right Solution for Today’s Healthcare Environment

The unprecedented pressures facing healthcare providers make analytics an absolute necessity. As the healthcare dollar is stretched further, providers must carefully and continually adjust their resource allocation. This is where we come in. Due North Analytics healthcare data solutions model is centered around value; providing the highest quality analytics at rates sensitive to today’s healthcare environment.

Low Cost Model

Value proposition made possible by low overhead. We take advantage of current technology to work effectively with your organization, remotely, eliminating unnecessary expense, and passing the savings on to you.


Our goal is to build a relationship with your organization and become an extension of your team. Over the long-term we will continue to learn about your needs and how best to meet them. We’ll be there when you need us and we’ll be standing by even when you don’t. No frills, just high quality healthcare analytics at a value proposition. We will stay committed to your continued success.

Founding Partners

Chris Skarlatos:   A healthcare industry consultant specializing in the transformation of complex data into easily consumable, relatable, useful information.  His comprehensive healthcare analytics expertise includes Budget and Forecasting, Charge Master Pricing, Decision Support, Operational and Service Line Analytics, Cost Accounting and Benchmarking.  This expertise was built from the ground up working for a perennial Top 50 hospital system and for one of the nation’s largest health systems.  Coupled with his experience in small community hospitals, Chris’s experience provides the appropriate perspective to cater solutions to organizations of all size and scope.

Evan Bertel:   A healthcare analytics consultant whose career has focused on mining data to implement process change for proven results.  Combining industry knowledge and technical expertise, his specialty is aggregating multiple data sources for easy-to-understand reporting.  His functional analytics are designed for all decision makers (from line managers to physician leadership to corporate executives).  Evan’s talent to translate complicated data into meaningful analyses has been utilized by some of the largest physician groups and health systems in the country.