Healthcare Analytics Solutions For Providers

Analyst On-Call

Analyst On-Call

Do you require short-­term, multi­-faceted analytics on a broad range of healthcare topics?

Due North Analytics’ Analyst On Call can serve as your adjunct healthcare analytics solution by providing on demand, ad hoc reporting, and analysis. Utilizing a wide skillset and over 30 years of healthcare experience, Due North Analytics is here to support you with the resources to satisfy your organization’s analytical needs.

Whether its a single payor agreement, an ACO collaboration, an RFP, practice acquisition, resource allocation, or quality metric review, we can help with a small component or the entirety of any project.

Due North Analytics transforms healthcare big data into actionable solutions and guides providers in various care settings to maximize revenue.

  • Ad­-hoc Healthcare Analysis
  • Healthcare Provider Analytics
  • Right-sized Consulting Resources
  • Decision Support

Analyst On-Call is an extension of your analytics team, always standing by.