CDM Healthcare

Chargemaster Development & Analysis

CDM Healthcare

Do your charges fully reflect your costs? Are your charges transparent to patients while maintaining financial viability?

In today’s healthcare environment, effective charging processes are essential to financial performance. The competing demands on your chargemaster are many, from billing compliance, to price transparency, to ensuring a defensible, viable CDM is in place. Due North Analytics offers strategic chargemaster modeling and analysis to ensure you have the appropriate pricing and structure that meet your healthcare organization’s financial goals.

Whether your goal is chargemaster consistency, price transparency or improved financial performance, we’ll offer your organization with flexible CDM healthcare solutions. We create custom models and reports catered to maximize your chargemaster effectiveness and meet your organization’s specific goals.

  • Strategic and Defensible Pricing
  • Chargemaster Restructuring
  • Price Transparency
  • Financial Performance and Impact Analysis

Due North Analytics provides charge description master management (CDM) and chargemaster consistency to guide healthcare providers to maximize revenue.