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Does your organization have the effective information to align strategies with payor negotiations?

Recent trends in the healthcare industry, including the Affordable Care Act, have emphasized focus on quality outcomes as well as increased access. As insurance exchanges continue to increase enrollment and population demographics continue to shift, it is essential that providers properly account for their changing payor mix. The effect of this reform is not only realized through patient care but also reimbursement methodologies. Understanding and planning for the revenue impact of managed care contracts is critical for successful companies.

Due North Analytics customized reimbursement simulations and models are tailored to the strategies of your business, providing indispensable information during healthcare contract negotiations. Our team will work with your organization to achieve your reimbursement analytical goals. From alterations of payment structures to new quality incentives to the constant contract negotiation, our team has experience modeling various reimbursement scenarios. Due North Analytics creates comprehensive healthcare modeling solutions to reflect today’s complex healthcare environment.

  • Contract Management
    • Contract Negotiations
    • Incentivized Quality Measures
    • Changes in Payment Methodology
    • Payor Mix Impact Analysis
  • Reimbursement Strategy

Due North Analytics offers managed care contract modeling services for healthcare providers looking to grow margins in an evolving and complex industry.